Apparently PSO2 isn’t a Microsoft exclusive

GameSpot has an article where Microsoft’s Phil Spencer talked a bit about PSO2 regarding the localization and the platforms the game will appear on. This paragraph caught my interest:

The Western Localization trailer revealed during E3 2019, above, announces that Phantasy Star Online 2 will finally make its way to North America. And while Spencer couldn’t confirm whether the game will appear in other regions like Europe and the Middle East because “Sega’s ultimately responsible for it,” he did say the game isn’t console exclusive. “Yes, it will end up on all platforms.”

While it’s vague it is also potentially good news in that we could see a PS4 and Switch release of PSO2. I think that it is in Sega’s best interest to get the game on as many platforms as possible (and sharing the same servers obviously) so that the game can have more exposure. I’m sure we will find out more information the closer we get to PSO2’s release but we are off to a good start, probably.

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Sega announces E3 games; PSO2 is one of them

Yeah, how about that.

Seven years after Sega announced that PSO2 was coming to North America, PSO2 is finally coming to North America. The web site is back. Raise your hand if you saw this one coming.

Phantasy Star Online 2 will be released in spring 2020 for Xbox One and PC. Whether or not it will still be region-locked to North America is anyone’s guess (but don’t hold your breath for a miracle). The interesting thing about all this is that Microsoft (yes, Microsoft) may actually be behind the decision to release PSO2 in the West. The fact that “Powered by Azure” is plastered in the bottom-right corner at the end of the trailer suggests to me that Sega was probably approached by Microsoft (bags of money in hand) with a suggestion to release the game as a Windows/Xbox exclusive. The PSO2 servers will be hosted within Microsoft’s sprawling Azure cloud computing service, making it possible for Xbox One and Windows players to play the game together on the same servers.

This kind of thing wasn’t really possible seven years ago when Sega announced the North American version of PSO2. Shortly after the death of Games for Windows Live and before the release of Windows 8, Microsoft sort of hinted at the fact that Windows/Xbox integration was where they wanted to go. Since Phantasy Star Universe had decent success on Xbox 360, perhaps Microsoft thought that PSO2 would be a good candidate for a fun online game with cross-play capability. Because why else would you decide to debut an online game in North America nearly eight years after its Japanese release?

If you decide to play on Windows, you’ll probably need the latest version of Windows 10 and a Microsoft account. With at least ten months to go until release, though, there are still a lot of details yet to come. I’ll probably pop in every once in a while and opine on new developments… just like PSO2 NA, you probably thought this blog was dead forever but it’s back!

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I was pretty sure a PSO2 western release was dead like the PSO2 website until recently

Well look what we have here. I never though I would be posting here again after all has been 5 years since my last post. But here we are with news of PSO2 releasing next year and honestly I’m not sure how I should feel about this.

I mean the me from 5 years ago would be totally into it and looking forward to it but now I wonder if it’s too late. I mean by the time the game releases it will have been 8 years since the Japanese version launched. At this point you would think those that really wanted to play the have done so already and I very much doubt those that play it will leave for the English version of the game.

Then you have Microsoft’s involvement. First, yes I am still salty about them fucking up the PSU English version by refusing to allow cross-play which effectively divided the community. This was bad news for PSU since the Phantasy Star Online community is much smaller than other online games. (Side note: I also blame Sega for their overall mismanagement of the game for its failure as well; see old blog posts for details.) So instead of having a PS4 or Switch version of the game to accompany the PC version we have an xbone version. I feel that the PC version will be the what most player use since the audience for these types of games aren’t using Microsoft’s consoles.

I guess I’ll wait and see what happens with the release of the game. Although after my past experience with Sega an PSOBB and PSU I’m going to be cautious and not expect too much. On the bright side the game is free to play so if it’s terrible the only thing that is wasted was your time and some hard drive space instead of your money.

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Sega announces E3 games; PSO2 still isn’t one of them

So Sega has posted their line up on their blog and it looks like we have a repeat of last year’s E3 going on here. It really would be nice to hear something about PSO2 or even that Phantasy Star Nova game, although I wasn’t really expecting see Nova announced.

At this point I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to see PSO2 released. Sure I could be wrong but at this point I sort of moved on from the game since Sega has been dragging out the release. Plus there are those few game-play elements I didn’t care for. Oh, and the focus on that whole dress up thing the game has going on. It would be nice to see those issues addressed for the Western release with all the extra time Sega has had with the “delay” of the game.

Maybe Sega will surprise us, or not. I’m terrible at predicting the future anyway.

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Edward@Sega gone?

So I happened to be browsing Sega’s PSO2 forum for some reason and noticed this post. It appears that Edward@Sega not longer works at Sega as noted in the post he had not been on the forums since September last year and recent he and others were removed as authors on Sega’s blog. One of the posters apparently asked Clumsyorchid which confirmed it as well.

I remember him from way back with the whole error 65 and billing mess back on PSU. Seemed like a cool guy and he did put up with a ton of BS with all the problems and delays PSU had. Sorry to see you go Edward, you’ll be missed.

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We are moving! (Also not dead… yet) PART2

We’ve moved on from blogger, which I’ve been wanting to do ever since Google has been pestering me about that “google plus” rubbish. So I figured it was a good time to bail the google / blogger ship.

I still have to work out the theme a little bit and change some of the links in articles that link to articles on the blogger site although I’ll probably never get to it like when Sega updated their forum software which broke all the links to posts we referenced.

Also Minus X went and changed his name for some reason, probably to hide from everyone. Sorry for ruining the surprise. :V

Also: New posts coming soonish!

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Oh look a new portable Phantasy Star game!

So there was something about a new Phantasy Star game for the PS Vita called “Phantasy Star Nova” a few weeks back. I’d probably be excited for this if Sega actually released Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity or even bothered doing that PSP dual pack. Also with the Vita being even less popular than the PSP was I’m pretty sure it has no chance for an English release. Then there’s that whole thing with PSO2 being not released yet and no news about it.

So to celebrate the occasion I have created a new label: “Games that Sega won’t release outside of Japan.” Knowing Sega I’m sure we will get good use out of it.

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