The content drought continues in Sega’s new roadmap for PSO2 New Genesis

I can’t say that I’m surprised.  But yeah this roadmap is filled with disappointment: AC scratches, urgent quests (aka the worst kind of quests), some side story thing, and the usual level cap increases. Oh and that the next “major” update to the game will occur in June of next year. I can’t believe they are sticking with this 6 month major update plan after it was a complete disaster the first time around, which was expected since the game launched with hardly any worthwhile content to begin with. Just check out all that filler “content” Sega has planned until the next major update is out:

Oh wow. Can’t say that I’m excited to see this shit “update” plan again.

You know what? I’m not even mad at this point. If anything I appreciate that Sega is being honest and upfront with the players for once about half-assing their games. With PSOBB and PSU they totally tried to hide the fact they were half-assing it with the lack of updates and information. They also did an incredibility poor job of hiding it. Now with PSO2 New Genesis Sega is showing us clear as day that they don’t give a fuck and it great. It’s great because it makes it an easy choice to not support the game and when it fails it will come as no surprise to anyone.

Honestly at this point I’m pretty sure Sega is just stretching out PSO2 until PSO3 is ready. It doesn’t make much sense that Sega would put so little effort into their “new popular online RPG.” So I am totally expecting a PSO3 announcement in the next few years while they attempt to milk the fan-base with this New Genesis trash. That of course is assuming the game doesn’t fail before PSO3 is released. I can’t say I would be excited about a PSO3 anyway because due to the way Sega has designed and runs both PSO2 and New Genesis I have no faith in them to produce a quality online / free-to-play game.

Who knows this could have been part of the deal with Microsoft; bring PSO2 with a new expansion to xbone while developing a sequel. After all a nearly 10 year old game isn’t going to move xbones. But then again it’s kinda dumb to buy a console for one game. Even more so when it’s a free-to-play game and especially when it’s one as bad as PSO2 / New Genesis.

Well whatever the case is Sega has unfortunately decided to keep going with their minimum effort, maximum profit plan for New Genesis. So I guess it’s safe to assume that we can expect New Genesis to be trash from start to finish just like PSO2. Actually at the rate Sega is going at New Genesis is already worse than PSO2, in fact it’s easily the worst Phantasy Star game ever made.

At least Sega delivered on that whole moving fingers thing, right?

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Opinion: PSO2 New Genesis will never be successful and it doesn’t deserve to be

Honestly even though PSO2 killed any interest in New Genesis I hoped that perhaps Sega could surprise me with its release. And by surprise I meant it in a good way but instead Sega pushed out trash that was even worse than PSO2. I liked both PSO and PSU (after the AOTI expansion) and really would like the series to do well but Sega is making easy for me to dislike both PSO2 and New Genesis.

I think the problem with New Genesis stems back to PSO2. Specifically Sega getting away with is incredibly aggressive monetization of the game. I already went into with an older post but to be blunt Sega is stingy af. They expect you get the premium set subscription while still nailing you with micro-transactions with two premium currencies, Arks Cash and Star Gems. It’s even worse in New Genesis because Sega doesn’t give players any value to warrant any reason to spend money on the game. Continue reading

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Revisiting Phantasy Star Universe

PSU Title Screen in 2k

It’s 2021 and I’m playing PSU again in 2k! I’d totally run it at 4k if the UI scaled properly.

I’ve been playing PSU again since the Clementine private server launched last year. And I’ve got to say it’s pretty nice. I wasn’t sure if I would get into the game again so I put in just under 400 hours into the game (so far), you know to make sure that I liked the game. I mean everyone knows that you need to put a few hundred hours into a game to know if you truly like it.

It’s been nice playing old favorites like Lightning Beasts, new missions like Beach Bum Beasts and stuff I rarely (or never) bothered with like missions on Moatoob such as Dusty Mines. I also never realized that PSU had support for surround sound on PC before but then again I didn’t have a nice speakers back when I played PSU before. I find that it really adds a lot of character to certain areas so I’ve been pleasantly surprised and pleased by the game’s surround sound support. I’ve also enjoyed the new items that were exclusive to the Japanese servers; there are plenty of new weapons, armors, and units to find. Also I’ve pulled out my old trusty DualShock 2 to play the game too so it’s just like how it was back before the servers closed. Continue reading

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Oh no the PSO2 forums are shutting down

That’s right you’ve heard it here last. Sega has announced that they are killing off their official PSO2 forums. Originally this was set to happen on December 16th but has been moved up to November 24th due to reasons. So if you got anything to post do it now, or not idc. Also Sega mentioned something about discord or whatever but I didn’t pay attention to that part.

Anyway I find it a little sad that the forums are shutting down. I mean how else will I find out about Sega announcing when PSO2 shuts down next year so I can get the jump on my “I totally knew PSO2 New Genesis wouldn’t even make it a year” blog post. Sure there’s the PSO2 official site or gaming websites but why would I want to bother with those?

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Apparently Sega has a New Genesis and Intel collaboration campaign

Yeah so it seems that Sega and Intel got this thing going where if you buy an Intel CPU you get some shitty emote for the game. I wish I could say I was joking.

This is pretty much a trash campaign on all levels. For starters emote is outright terrible and just an advertisement for Intel. Not really sure such a crappy offer will sway anyone to make CPU purchase.

I mean look at it:

Yikes, if that isn’t terrible then I don’t know what to think anymore.

Then I guess the second problem would be having to buy an Intel CPU when Ryzen exists. I mean sure Intel CPU’s are ok but I’m still salty about all those design flaws Intel had in their older CPU’s. So I’d like to avoid Intel CPU’s for awhile and certainly this super shitty emote won’t change my mind.

Anyway the joke’s on Sega and Intel. I already upgraded and it wasn’t an Intel CPU. Also I don’t want to play New Genesis, so fuck that.

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PSO2 New Genesis has been released

And I’m not really interested in it at all after playing that turd of a game Sega called “PSO2.” It’s like PSO2 was so bad that I just can’t bring myself to bother with New Genesis. Plus I’m pretty sure Sega is going to milk players for as much cash as they possibly can, just like in PSO2.

Still glad that I didn’t bother with PSO2 since it seems the game is now on life support and the few things that carry over like some weapons, and cosmetic things aren’t worth the time or money to bother playing PSO2. Also it seems like Sega just made things harder if you want to be a free player by removing the 3 day pass for opening a shop. So yeah, no real reason to bother with PSO2 at all.

In related news it seems the PSO2-style cash grab continues in PSO2 New Genesis. Sega is trying to sell some trash bundle for $50. It includes a Rappy costume and some other in-game trash that isn’t worth $50. Yikes, this thing should be like $5 maybe $10 tops.

Yeah, seems like a good idea to avoid this shit entirely.

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Good news everyone: Sega has solved PSO2’s trading problem in New Genesis

I’ve previously complained about how how I think locking trading behind the premium subscription is bad because it is a basic feature that should be available to all players. So now I’ve noticed that Sega has posted more information on New Genesis and here they announced the wonderful news that you can not trade with other players. I mean you can’t have any issues with trading if you can’t trade, right?

So now player shops (that still need a subscription to use to sell items) is the only way to transfer items between players. On top of that in New Genesis there is a 10% seller fee. Sounds like trash if you ask me.

This is off topic but Sega also announced the in game currency that will replace Meseta used in PSO2, since they had previously said that it would not be transferred or be used in New Genesis. Hold onto your hat because this one will blow you away: the new currency in New Genesis is “N-Meseta.” Yes that’s right “N-Meseta” and if you think that terrible and lacks any creativity you are not alone.

But hey at least we don’t have to worry about trading any more in New Genesis because we can’t.

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Revisiting Phantasy Star Portable

Yes the first one. So I decided to fire up the old PlayStation Portable to play some Portable 1 again. You know to experience that classic PSU game play. While the controls are bad compared to PSU and as time went on the PSP’s screen seems way smaller than I remember but I still found the game to be enjoyable.

The story is nothing amazing but still better than PSO2 by far. Some of the story missions are long and require multiple missions to complete. Like that one that took me through three areas of Moatoob (Chapter 5). It was kinda of long but not too bad. If anything the Moatoob missions don’t seem as bad as I remember them. The missions there are still not my favorite but I think maybe I was a little too hard on the planet and its missions in the past. Only a little though.

I even had the classic situation of where a group of those annoying robots that shoot missiles all shot missiles at me and all three hit me before I could even recover from the first hit. I was kinda annoyed but it also brought back some good memories of PSU. I still hate those robots after all these years.

The item drops and their drop rate is satisfying. Even messing around with lower rarity weapons was fun due to the variety of weapons each battle type / class have access to (unlike PSO2). I always liked that Sega ditched the synthesis system that PSU had in this game, since I never cared for it. Plus you have areas drops for clothes and such, no need for that rubbish arks cash here!

I’ve only been playing the game on and off again but honestly I kind of miss PSU, despite its flaws, and wouldn’t mind seeing an HD updated Portable 1 and 2 Infinity for PC, and PS4/5. It would totally be worth dropping some money on updated versions of these games. Do it Sega.

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I made a chart: A look at PSO2’s first month on Steam

So I’ve recorded PSO2’s Steam stats for its first month on the platform. The data was recorded in the evening of each day. Although I totally forgot to do it on August 11th but it doesn’t matter, probably. The chart features two stats the current players during the evening and the peak player count for the day. I also recorded the games placement on Steam’s top 100 most-played games list, but I’m missing the first two days since I didn’t think of doing so until then, my bad. Also I lied I made two charts. Anyway on to the charts; click them to see more detailed information or not idc. Continue reading

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Sega posted some FAQ for PSO2 New Genesis

So I’ve noticed that Sega has posted an FAQ about PSO2 New Genesis. It goes into some information about how the game will connect to PSO2, what transfers between games and such.

It seems there were some questions and information dedicated to that whole fingers being able to move stuff that Sega promoted on the New Genesis announcement. I don’t get it. Is it really that big of a deal? I didn’t even mention it on the blog since it’s some minor cosmetic thing that isn’t important… at all.

How silly of me; here I am interested to see if New Genesis will be any good when instead I should have been focused on the finger movement feature. So what if New Genesis ends up being a bad game at least we got some finger movement for our characters, right? It’s such an amazing display of new 3D graphics and technology. I just know that New Genesis will win all the game of the year awards for sure because of it. LOL

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