Sega announces E3 games; PSO2 still isn’t one of them

So Sega has posted their line up on their blog and it looks like we have a repeat of last year’s E3 going on here. It really would be nice to hear something about PSO2 or even that Phantasy Star Nova game, although I wasn’t really expecting see Nova announced.

At this point I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to see PSO2 released. Sure I could be wrong but at this point I sort of moved on from the game since Sega has been dragging out the release. Plus there are those few game-play elements I didn’t care for. Oh, and the focus on that whole dress up thing the game has going on. It would be nice to see those issues addressed for the Western release with all the extra time Sega has had with the “delay” of the game.

Maybe Sega will surprise us, or not. I’m terrible at predicting the future anyway.

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Somebody is angry

At least I assume so from what I saw over at PSO-World. It seems a couple of Japanese players posted over there with one being completely in Japanese, which is now deleted unfortunately, and the other complaining about etiquette or something. We all know how this works: when someone is a jerk to you you be a bigger jerk back at them. It’s the only time when the whole “fight fire with fire” thing works, true story. I mean it’s not like it makes these guys look like assholes for trying to make fun of the “skill” of the English players (the first guy) or suggest that an IP ban is the best way to solve the “problem” of rude foreigners (the second guy).

I did manage to get a shot of the original post but lost the second pages for both.

I am not sure what's going on here but I assume it's lots of angry stuff!

I am not sure what’s going on here but I assume it’s lots of angry stuff!

Someone was nice enough to give us a rough translation! You know this angry guy is awesome when he refers to themselves as "master race."

Someone was nice enough to give us a rough translation! You know this angry guy is awesome when he refers to themselves as “master race.”

Unfortunately I lost the link to the video he posted and removed from the original post which someone had on the second page that didn’t prove his point at all, which is why it was removed I guess. :V

I guess this guy doesn't know how to ignore people.

I guess this guy doesn’t know how to ignore people.


So that was fun. Although it was a shitty and ineffective way to get their point across, better luck next time.

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Edward@Sega gone?

So I happened to be browsing Sega’s PSO2 forum for some reason and noticed this post. It appears that Edward@Sega not longer works at Sega as noted in the post he had not been on the forums since September last year and recent he and others were removed as authors on Sega’s blog. One of the posters apparently asked Clumsyorchid which confirmed it as well.

I remember him from way back with the whole error 65 and billing mess back on PSU. Seemed like a cool guy and he did put up with a ton of BS with all the problems and delays PSU had. Sorry to see you go Edward, you’ll be missed.

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We are moving! (Also not dead… yet) PART2

We’ve moved on from blogger, which I’ve been wanting to do ever since Google has been pestering me about that “google plus” rubbish. So I figured it was a good time to bail the google / blogger ship.

I still have to work out the theme a little bit and change some of the links in articles that link to articles on the blogger site although I’ll probably never get to it like when Sega updated their forum software which broke all the links to posts we referenced.

Also Minus X went and changed his name for some reason, probably to hide from everyone. Sorry for ruining the surprise. :V

Also: New posts coming soonish!

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Oh look a new portable Phantasy Star game!

So there was something about a new Phantasy Star game for the PS Vita called “Phantasy Star Nova” a few weeks back. I’d probably be excited for this if Sega actually released Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity or even bothered doing that PSP dual pack. Also with the Vita being even less popular than the PSP was I’m pretty sure it has no chance for an English release. Then there’s that whole thing with PSO2 being not released yet and no news about it.

So to celebrate the occasion I have created a new label: “Games that Sega won’t release outside of Japan.” Knowing Sega I’m sure we will get good use out of it.

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And Now, Another Moment of Brilliance

This moment is brought to you by Sega of Japan, which pushed a new version of the PSO2 launcher shortly after maintenance ended earlier this morning.

Of course, that in itself wouldn’t warrant a new blog posting if not for the nasty side effects that came with it. In this thread on PSO-World, players are reporting that the launcher will actually delete files from your hard drive under certain conditions. The files may not even be related to PSO2; some players were reporting that the launcher apparently tried to delete files out of their Final Fantasy XIV installations. I guess Sega was tired of competing with other games for players.

In any case, the wise thing to do would be to wait until Sega sorts all of this out before attempting to update your game. I assume that compensation for this disaster will be coming once everything is back to normal, but even so, there really is no excuse for this kind of thing. You would think that a bug this serious would have been caught in testing, but hey, it’s Sega.

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Happy Anniversary

On July 9, 2012, Sega of America officially announced that Phantasy Star Online 2 would be getting an English release in the United States and Europe.

Exactly one year later, I don’t think anybody really knows how much closer we are to an English release – except Sega, and they aren’t saying anything. Even the official PSO2 Web site looks the same as it did last year.

I must admit that Sega of America’s silence in the face of withering criticism has been rather puzzling to me. In the time since the initial announcement was made, Sega has said almost nothing about the game (except that it was delayed). When Sega revealed the list of games being shown off at E3, and PSO2 wasn’t one of them, their official blog was lit up with posts complaining about the lack of news.

Is there really nothing that Sega can say about the progress of this game’s localization? Nothing that has changed since the announcement last year? At the very least Sega could try to offer some sort of explanation for the delay. Any news at this point would help stem the tide of rumors that an official English version of PSO2 is nothing more than high-profile vaporware.

There is some good news in all of this: so much time has passed since the initial announcement that casual fans may have forgotten about it already. Sega may be waiting until they’re sure of a release date to announce the game again and bring these people back into the fold. (You never know what kind of crazy plans these marketing people are cooking up.)

For the rest of the community, though, a full year without news is ridiculous. Sega needs to either:

  1. Provide some sort of explanation for the delay, or
  2. Just say the English version is cancelled already so everyone can go play the Japanese version full-time

…I’m not holding my breath for either of those things to happen, though. Here’s (not) hoping for another year of silence from Sega!

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